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My Practice Philosophy

Yoga is multifaceted, expansive and constantly evolving practice. I am here to help motivate you to find a the practice that suits your life and well-being today. Whether it's through group yoga classes, privates, online videos, teacher trainings, workshops, retreats or writings; my goal is to help you discover a yoga practice that is consistent and inspiring. More importantly, my mission is to teach you how to build a practice that moves beyond the margins of your yoga mat and into your daily life. Are you ready?


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Yoga Class Schedule

I currently offer in person, virtual and pre-recorded yoga classes


In addition to teaching yoga I also love to write. Check out my latest work and sign up to stay connected


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"Chrissy has been my yoga teacher for years & her yoga philosophy, methods & instruction has provided me with immeasurable aid, focus & structure in times of great stress, as well as in steady & smooth days. Chrissy comes prepared to each & every practice with a new perspective & an incredibly open heart & elegance; sharing her personal experiences; her immense love of yoga & relating those to our own practice."

Allison B

"I have been taking Chrissy's classes for many years and yet, she's able to keep things fresh and fun.  Though I'd practiced yoga before meeting Chrissy, she was the first teacher who made me feel like a real yogi!"

Elle G

"I go to Chrissy’s class when I need to ground myself in the yoga practice. She has a way with words that centers you in the present moment. One of my favorite teachers!”

Jin T

"Chrissy is the BEST! She blends the spiritual and physical aspects of yoga into a challenging but rewarding practice like few others.

And she loves a good inversion more than most, so in my book that's a cherry on top of her already fantastic teaching."

David E

"Chrissy doesn't just love yoga, but KNOWS Yoga, SHARES yoga, LIVES yoga, and cares about each and every one of her students. Chrissy teaches yoga with knowledge, understanding, compassion, precision, and care. Her passion for yoga is inspirational and contagious. My practice has grown beautifully with her, and no matter how I am feeling I always leave Chrissy's class feeling better than I came, in my body and in my mind."

Whitney K


"I have been learning yoga from Chrissy for a decade! She teaches with so much compassion and personal care for each of her students. She goes above and beyond what I expect from a yoga teacher and offers incredibly helpful modifications and adjustments as well as positive reinforcement, which we all need sometimes."

Naomi B

"Chrissy is a kindhearted and passionate yoga teacher whose enthusiasm shines through in her practice. Her classes are relevant to the novice or advanced student and she’s able to break down movement and breathing in ways that clarify the asanas. She has SO much heart. I know my own practice has grown and deepened because of her teaching. I always come away from a yoga session with Chrissy feeling energized and centered."

Stephen S

"Chrissy's passion for and dedication to yoga are always apparent whether she's teaching a weekly class or leading a retreat on the other side of the world.  Chrissy is a versatile teacher who offers something for everyone from the novice to the seasoned veteran."

Vicky M

"The first thing that struck me about Chrissy's classes is that she has a beautiful way of structuring and delivering her teachings that guides practitioners not only to learn more about yoga, but also to inquire deeper within themselves."

Sarah U

"Chrissy is such a wonderfully talented and knowledgeable yoga instructor with a warm heart. She provides safe space for students to develop their practice and offers accessible cues and modifications to make her classes available to everyone. Over the years, she has consistently provided classes that are mindful and invigorating. She pays extra attention to alignment and effortlessly weaves yogic philosophy through-out her flows. As both a student and a teacher, I never fail to learn something new when I practice with her."

Aja R



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