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Food Is Not The Enemy

Dieting has been a part of my life since I could remember. I have tried everything you could imagine; fat free, carb free, only carbs, high fat, no sugar, juicing, soup diet.......I could keep going.  Once I discovered Ayurveda and began to incorporate certain practices into my daily life, food was no longer the enemy, and I feel better than ever.

This seasonal 10 day cleanse is perfect for anyone who just needs a reset. We all fall victim to convenient fast foods, overindulging on sweets and alcohol, not moving our bodies and not getting enough sleep. We know it because we feel bloated, tired, agitated and unmotivated. This gentle cleanse inspired by Ayurvedic principles will help you feel refreshed, bright and light. I love doing these cleanses when the seasons change. Late Winter/Early Spring is the time of year to recharge and re-awaken ourselves from the cold, damp and wet climate which often makes us feel sluggish & heavy. Join me for a full body and mind reset as we approach the warmer sunnier days ahead. 

10 Day Ayurvedic Cleanse Includes

Some Things to consider before doing this cleanse....

  • This is a vegan cleanse (w/ options for adding ghee (clarified butter) and some dairy)

  • To make the most out of the cleanse, omitting caffeine, alcohol and processed foods from your diet is recommended

  • All recipes are free of tree nuts and gluten

  • I am not a certified nutritionist or a medical specialist. I am simply a yogi who has benefited in the past from gentle seasonal cleanses like this. If you have any health issues or concerns, please consult your doctor

  • This cleanse requires eating home cooked meals. Most recipes are simple and quick with some special ones to try over the weekend.  

  • The first three days will be a kitchari cleanse, where you will eat kitchari for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

  • Side effects from cleansing can include constipation, stomach cramps and irritability (especially if you drink a lot of caffeine.) These symptoms generally go away by day three.



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